The Mar Vista by Amy Cherie

Chefs Jill Davie and D. Brandon Walker are fulfilling their promise for a community-first, sustainable dining experience that Mar Vistans will be proud to call their own.

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Bossladies Magazine by Amy Cherie

Bossladies Mag graced our presence twice this week with two marvelous workshops. The first one was in collaboration with DesignbyKadie (@designbykadie) who shared her secrets of creating a powerful online brand. She talked about how to craft your brands message, identify your audience and how to create a compelling brand experience that makes you unique. The best part of her workshop was (obviously her! and) the awesome packet she prepared that asked questions that you might not have asked yourself otherwise. For instance, what if you made a pinterest board of your target audience's lifestyle so you could really dive-in to understand who you want to attract and who you want to talk to. It's that extra step that separates you from other small businesses. What I learned: Do the work. 

The second workshop was "The Art of Instagram" taught by founder and editor of Bossladies Magazine, Chelsea Sonksen. I've come to adore Chelsea who I was introduced to by photographer Marisa Vitale (who I truly love. She's hilarious and everything wonderful all bottled up into one woman. You gotta check out her Instagram stories, they make my day!). The workshop explained in detail the mysteries of how some accounts pull off the most beautiful feed ever. The ones that gain 30k or 100k followings with the appearance that these men or women are ALWAYS on the go. Well folks, it's a lot easier than it looks and its absolutely possible! I'd love to share ALL of the systems and tips I received but you're just going to have to wait for her second workshop in 2017! 

If you haven't checked out issue 1 or 2, I would definitely recommend doing so. They're packed with empowering information, inspiring stories and other goodies for women on their way. 



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An Evening w/ Justina Blakeney by Amy Cherie

Mar Vista Art Dept. in collaboration with Santa Margherita Wine hosted an exclusive event to celebrate summer entertaining with complimentary Pinto Grigio, Sparkling Rose and Prosecco w/ bites from celebrity chef Steven Fretz.

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Pure Cycles Bike Party! by Amy Cherie

Did You Roll With Us!?
M.V.A.D hosted a Bike Party on Thursday July, 7th from 7pm-9pm with Pure Cycle! Pure Cycles Bikes offer transportation, health, and righteous good times. Their name captures their mission: cycling at its purest.
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M.V.A.D explores: Maui by Amy Cherie

Maui is one place I've spent many, many months exploring! I recently returned from a 3 week trip on April 13th where I found a handful of gems that I'd love to share! 

Different cities cater to different types of people, from families who enjoy resorts and golfing to luxury properties and shopping in Wailea. Personally, my favorite parts of the island are Paia, Haiku, Makawao & Hana. The down-to-earth parts of the island with friendly locals, lush greenery, boutiques, dive bars and charm.

Paia has a funky 60's California beach town vibe with pastel colored buildings as you pull into the t-shaped town of quaint shops and restaurants. Make sure to slide by one of the best organic grocery stores with local produce, Mana Foods. 

Another spot with delicious raw food items, groceries and charm is Kuau Mart. It's located right after the large Surfboard fence on Hana Hwy. Stop here for a collard green wrap, coffee or beach snacks! They support local vendors, embody sustainable business practice while making most of their foods on-site from scratch with gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan options! These guys have heart & soul. 

Maui Kombucha 

Maui Kombucha 

Maui Kombucha is in the heart of Haiku. One of the best Kombucha bars I've ever experienced with the most delicious raw vegan food. Everything from salads, bowls to nightly specials. You'll meet some awesome locals at this spot. 

Makawao is home to one of my favorite boutiques...ever. Pink by Nature! They carry everything from Iron & Resin to Brixton with some of the best feeling linen shirts I've ever felt. The owner, Marco, who I had the pleasure of meeting does all of the woodworking and patterned reclaimed wood art pieces hanging on the walls. 


From here, I hopped on over to the Lumeria Yoga Retreat for a yoga class + lunch. I can't believe I waited years to visit this place! It's heaven. Designed by Honolulu architect H.R Kerr in 1910, Lumeria Maui holds a special heritage. As the oldest wooden structure on Maui, it's first incarnation was as the original Fred C. Balwin Memorial home, erected by it's namesakes sugar cane family. 

The road to Hana is a must, You haven't fully experienced what Maui has to offer unless you drive the 52-mile winding road through the lush rainforest. It's an unspoiled beauty dangling from the island's northeastern tip. The Kahanu Garden contains the worlds biggest collection of breadfruit and definitely do your research and make some stops along the way.... oh, and also make sure to camp! The night sky is BEAUTIFUL.


Amy Cherie 


M.V.A.D Explores: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic by Amy Cherie

M.V.A.D's returned from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic refreshed and relaxed with plenty of rum in our system! We witnessed our dear friends Julian & Val's wedding while dodging a little rain and coming together for our first huddle wedding under the gazabo! We went on a catamaran, lounged by the pool, induldged in a massage at the spa, ate enough all-inclusive food to last us the rest of the year (time to get back on our road bikes....ooof) and scuba dived with some baby stingrays & a seahorse! 

Travel Tips: 

  1. Tip! Even if your resort is all-inclusive. 
  2. Research excursions, we experienced one that ended up being disappointing (lets just say the 'blue' lagoon swimming hole was blue because of blue lightbulbs ;) and two that were excellent! Catamaran & scuba diving! 
  3. Wifi was spotty and slow so be prepared to be disconnected and present.
  4. Mama Juana, google it, know it and drink it. 
  5. Negotiating is normal, one person told us a necklace was $100, the next vendor told us the same necklace was $20 :) 
  6. Booking transportation is a THING. Make sure your ride to the airport is called hours in advance. 
  7. Find your Jerry. Jerry was great! He made sure our boat ride to Catalina Island to dive was excellent and that we always had a full beer in our hand. I miss Jerry. 
  8. DR is on island time, by the time you call for room service, ie. ice, your bottle of rum will be gone.




Amy Cherie 

M.V.A.D Events: Stick Your Nose In Dirt w/ Juniper Ridge by Amy Cherie

M.V.A.D had the pleasure of hosting the always-on-the-go adventure team from Juniper Ridge last Monday. If you're not familiar with Hall, the owner and his side kicks, Ciara and Jordan, then here's a brief: Juniper Ridge extracts fragrance from wildflowers, plants, bark, moss, mushrooms and tree trimmings that they harvest on the trail. The company is built on a simple idea that nothing smells better than the forest and the only way to bring this into your home is by strapping on your boots and going there. 

So simple. We love it. 

Photography by: Love Light Images

M.V.A.D Maker Feature: Salvaged Audio, Jared Kirby by Amy Cherie

MVAD: Tell me a little bit about yourself?

SA: Well, my name is Jared Kirby. I was born and raised in Los Angeles before moving to San Luis Obispo and the Central Coast of California as a teenager. Being in a new city at somewhat of an awkward age, I turned to music to find and cultivate friendships. I also have a passion for creating pretty things. I learned woodworking through working for a company that makes guitars and basses. Music and woodworking eventually merged to create Salvage Audio. 

(photo creds: Richard Fusillo // IG @fusillo_foto)

 MVAD: What inspired the business and when did you launch?

SA: The idea for Salvage Audio came in, what is now, somewhat of a typical story; I filled my own need. I had been in the market for a small speaker system for my living room, but all I came across was the same style of molded black or white plastic. I had a sort of rustic aesthetic going on in my apartment and wanted something that would fit, preferably made of raw wood. After doing some research, I realized that I could probably just make my own. That day, I was walking home and found a pile of fence boards from an old fence that had just been replaced. I took a few pieces of wood, drew up some plans, ordered a few electronic parts, and started to build. After a little over a year of making a few every once in awhile for friends and honing the design & process, at the beginning of 2013 Salvage Audio became an official, full-blown business. (photo creds: Richard Fusillo // IG @fusillo_foto) 

MVAD: What is your favorite type of wood to work with? 

SA: I really like redwood, especially old growth redwood that has been sitting outside in the elements for years. After a few passes with a sander and an oil rub, it’s a thing of raw beauty. 

MVAD: Where do you get it? 

SA: I salvage and reclaim all of the wood faces that I use in the systems, so everywhere from trash dumpsters to beautiful vineyards. 

MVAD: What is your favorite salvage wood tale to date? 

SA: I still LOVE Mabel’s Stable, the story and the wood. It was a stable that belonged to a horse named Mabel that got washed away during a storm. We ended up finding the wood down in a creek that flowed along the property and were able to salvage some of the wood. You can watch the video story of the salvage here: 

MVAD: What are your work habits like? Do you have a daily routine?

SA: YES! When Salvage Audio became a full time thing, I discovered the importance of routine. I think deep down I’m really just a lazy little boy who likes to build things, so without a proper routine I either find myself off on some crazy build tangent, or stuck in a Netflix movie marathon. So I schedule ample time for both, work and play.

MVAD: Favorite band or musician?

SA: I’ve been listening to a lot of Rhye and Alt-J recently, but I’m also really into hip-hop like Kendrick Lamar, and I’m seeing Childish Gambino in Santa Barbara tomorrow night, stoked! FP: Dream client? Who would it be?

 MVAD: Dream client? Who would it be?
SA: I made a speaker for Jeff Foxworthy’s wife! Though I’m not sure I’d call them dream clients. I tried to send Marc Maron a speaker as a general “thank you” for the WTF podcast, but he won’t answer my emails, the dick. Oprah? Idk… Oprah, why not.

MVAD: Where do you see yourself in five years?

SA: Hopefully still creating things. To be honest, I’m not even sure if it will be creating for Salvage Audio, but maybe. I love film, so I would like my next adventure to be writing and bringing to life my own films. But who knows, I might find some other need to fill.