M.V.A.D Maker Feature: Salvaged Audio, Jared Kirby / by Amy Cherie

MVAD: Tell me a little bit about yourself?

SA: Well, my name is Jared Kirby. I was born and raised in Los Angeles before moving to San Luis Obispo and the Central Coast of California as a teenager. Being in a new city at somewhat of an awkward age, I turned to music to find and cultivate friendships. I also have a passion for creating pretty things. I learned woodworking through working for a company that makes guitars and basses. Music and woodworking eventually merged to create Salvage Audio. 

(photo creds: Richard Fusillo // IG @fusillo_foto)

 MVAD: What inspired the business and when did you launch?

SA: The idea for Salvage Audio came in, what is now, somewhat of a typical story; I filled my own need. I had been in the market for a small speaker system for my living room, but all I came across was the same style of molded black or white plastic. I had a sort of rustic aesthetic going on in my apartment and wanted something that would fit, preferably made of raw wood. After doing some research, I realized that I could probably just make my own. That day, I was walking home and found a pile of fence boards from an old fence that had just been replaced. I took a few pieces of wood, drew up some plans, ordered a few electronic parts, and started to build. After a little over a year of making a few every once in awhile for friends and honing the design & process, at the beginning of 2013 Salvage Audio became an official, full-blown business. (photo creds: Richard Fusillo // IG @fusillo_foto) 

MVAD: What is your favorite type of wood to work with? 

SA: I really like redwood, especially old growth redwood that has been sitting outside in the elements for years. After a few passes with a sander and an oil rub, it’s a thing of raw beauty. 

MVAD: Where do you get it? 

SA: I salvage and reclaim all of the wood faces that I use in the systems, so everywhere from trash dumpsters to beautiful vineyards. 

MVAD: What is your favorite salvage wood tale to date? 

SA: I still LOVE Mabel’s Stable, the story and the wood. It was a stable that belonged to a horse named Mabel that got washed away during a storm. We ended up finding the wood down in a creek that flowed along the property and were able to salvage some of the wood. You can watch the video story of the salvage here: 

MVAD: What are your work habits like? Do you have a daily routine?

SA: YES! When Salvage Audio became a full time thing, I discovered the importance of routine. I think deep down I’m really just a lazy little boy who likes to build things, so without a proper routine I either find myself off on some crazy build tangent, or stuck in a Netflix movie marathon. So I schedule ample time for both, work and play.

MVAD: Favorite band or musician?

SA: I’ve been listening to a lot of Rhye and Alt-J recently, but I’m also really into hip-hop like Kendrick Lamar, and I’m seeing Childish Gambino in Santa Barbara tomorrow night, stoked! FP: Dream client? Who would it be?

 MVAD: Dream client? Who would it be?
SA: I made a speaker for Jeff Foxworthy’s wife! Though I’m not sure I’d call them dream clients. I tried to send Marc Maron a speaker as a general “thank you” for the WTF podcast, but he won’t answer my emails, the dick. Oprah? Idk… Oprah, why not.

MVAD: Where do you see yourself in five years?

SA: Hopefully still creating things. To be honest, I’m not even sure if it will be creating for Salvage Audio, but maybe. I love film, so I would like my next adventure to be writing and bringing to life my own films. But who knows, I might find some other need to fill.