M.V.A.D x WRKPRTY (making work fun one party at a time)

Our favorite component of M.V.A.D and the opening of our doors to the public are the people we're so lucky to meet. DJ often jokes that our space is a 'cool people fly trap" and I think he's right. Most recently we were connected with Aidan Makepeace of WRKPRTY. The concept is AWESOME and we're EXTREMELY stoked to be a part of it (check it out). The short and sweet of it: they're set out to make work fun again while working in a group of like-minded individuals. It's kinda like working at a coffee shop, yet... you talk to each other on break + other fun experiences.

Kinda weird right? Talk to each other instead of being on your phone... and social media... or awkwardly staring at the ground.. ha! It's time to get social people. What if you were building a website and there was a developer sitting right next to you to answer all of your questions! Dreamworld. 

Check out more details below and don't forget to join M.V.A.D's WRKPRTY on May 18th! 


Amy Cherie 

WRKPRTY is a platform that enables home-based and remote workers to host or attend a social co-working event (a “work party”) any place, any time. Simply reserve a seat in one-click on your phone, show up, be introduced, and work alongside a small group of dynamic professionals to maximize your productivity, be inspired, network, make friends, share, and collaborate.

Best of all, you get real life high-fives (not just emojis) for all the awesome you do. 

WRKPRTY is for professional consultants, employees, entrepreneurs, freelancers, even those “between jobs”; anyone conducting business via laptop computer. 

It’s time to celebrate, PRTYPPL … work is fun (again)!

Amy Cherie