M.V.A.D x Hansen's House Street Art Gallery / by Amy Cherie

The Mar Vista Art Dept used the neighborhood of Mar Vista to orchestrate a street art gallery to showcase world class artists painting multiple walls in tandem during one awesome night. The attendees started at M.V.A.D, traveled through Hansen's House while enjoying an interactive art wall, classic arcade games, VR by RYOT News, a culinary experience by celebrity chef, Steven Fretz w/ custom cocktails on the rooftop patio! From there, they were whisked away on a pedi-cabs to one of the 5 murals; Starfightera, Apexer, DJ N3FF, Wyatt Mills and MADSTEEZ. At each location, team M.V.A.D created outdoor living rooms with a flavor pin. If an party-goer collected all 5, they were able to enter the contest to win the Original Powell PeraltaSkateboard signed Tony Hawk!

Needless to say, it was a kick-ass evening!

Big THANKS to everyone involved!

Team M.V.A.D- 

DJ Neff, Creative Director, Artist
Amy Cherie, Producer
Claire Boutwell, Set Design
Alex, Everything Awesome
Dave Grandview, Our Main Dude!
Ryot News- VR/Tiltbrush


Birdman Photos
Wyatt Mills
Christina Angelina, Starfightera
Ricardo, Apexer
Marc, Madsteez

Team Janelle -

Janelle Boumel, Executive Producer
Laurie James, Event Coordinator
Steven Fretz, Chef Extraordinaire
Richard, Rope 24

Hansen's Crew

Paul, Kourtney, Kyle

LXRD Agency

Olivia, Andy, Jamie, Brad


Steve Sapka