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M.V.A.D Explores: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic by Amy Cherie

M.V.A.D's returned from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic refreshed and relaxed with plenty of rum in our system! We witnessed our dear friends Julian & Val's wedding while dodging a little rain and coming together for our first huddle wedding under the gazabo! We went on a catamaran, lounged by the pool, induldged in a massage at the spa, ate enough all-inclusive food to last us the rest of the year (time to get back on our road bikes....ooof) and scuba dived with some baby stingrays & a seahorse! 

Travel Tips: 

  1. Tip! Even if your resort is all-inclusive. 
  2. Research excursions, we experienced one that ended up being disappointing (lets just say the 'blue' lagoon swimming hole was blue because of blue lightbulbs ;) and two that were excellent! Catamaran & scuba diving! 
  3. Wifi was spotty and slow so be prepared to be disconnected and present.
  4. Mama Juana, google it, know it and drink it. 
  5. Negotiating is normal, one person told us a necklace was $100, the next vendor told us the same necklace was $20 :) 
  6. Booking transportation is a THING. Make sure your ride to the airport is called hours in advance. 
  7. Find your Jerry. Jerry was great! He made sure our boat ride to Catalina Island to dive was excellent and that we always had a full beer in our hand. I miss Jerry. 
  8. DR is on island time, by the time you call for room service, ie. ice, your bottle of rum will be gone.




Amy Cherie