Art for Refuge Benefit Concert / by Amy Cherie

In 2016, United Nations officials identified over 13.5 million refugees of the Syrian civil war in need of humanitarian aid. As the number of Syrian refugees increases, it's easy to feel that any hope to end their struggle is lost. That’s why MVAD is teaming up with Alise Fedele of local indie rock band Heaps N Heaps to bring you Art For Refuge, an evening for the Los Angeles art community to come together in support of refugee relief efforts.

The intention behind Art For Refuge is not only to raise financial contributions for Syrian refugees, but to create an environment of reflection and understanding of what these displaced persons need and how our community can offer them love, attention, and empathy, even from thousands of miles away. Tickets are $10, and all sales will be donated to Syrian refugee relief efforts.

“The truth is that millions of people are currently displaced by war and are struggling to find any resemblance of normality... It is hard to understand the magnitude of these atrocities and because of that it is hard for us to feel that we can make a difference. However, we can,” Alise writes of the event.

She and her bandmates Zach Moon, John Pruitt, and Dan Dowsett have found success in their music by embracing each member’s individual strengths and perspectives, and they want to promote this way of thinking to leave the world a better place than they found it.

Doors open at 7 pm, when you can hand in your $10 donation and enjoy refreshments and tour our cozy space. The evening will feature music from local acts including Shea Salisbury, John Anderson, Windward Flyer, and Heaps N Heaps; and a showcase of paintings and photography by Avery Cordray, Lucy Kline, and Erik White.