Five Q's : Nikki Katz / by Amy Cherie

The macramé design Nikki will teach at our May 18th workshop.

The macramé design Nikki will teach at our May 18th workshop.

Macrame with Intention w/ Assembly of the Wild
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Nikki Katz is the intuitively creative, spiritually inclined, multi-tasking mama behind Assembly of the Wild. We asked her for a quick convo to find out how she got into fiber arts and what it means to imbue your work with intention. Want to know more? Sign up for her May 18th workshop!


How did you get started with fiber arts?

After working in the fashion industry for 7 years I wanted to work more with fiber arts. When I started my company, I had this idea to assemble all these things from mother nature and make something tactile, textural, and inspired by natural materials. Using things like cotton, wood, jute, leather, wool and looking for ways to combine them. Working with a focus in knitwear for so long Macrame was easy to pick up.  You can finish a project in a short amount of time, but there are so many ways to create with it.

What do you want your students to take from the workshop?

I like to teach number of different knots so people can come up with their own ideas at home. The idea behind this workshop is to teach people how you can use intention in your work. The piece we’re creating [at MVAD] is an upside-down triangle that represents feminine power. Blue is the water of life, orange is the blood of life. These symbolize connection, and we’ll leave an empty ring in the center so students can go home and put in something that’s special to them. It can be switched out for whatever is inspiring them at the moment, maybe a crystal they feel calls to them.

What has setting intentions done for your creative process?

It’s changed a lot for me. When you have an intention and purpose, the piece feels special and people respond to that. When I would force myself to make something, the piece would get stuck and feel harder to finish. I wouldn’t know where I was going with it. I still feel that sometimes, but because I set the intention at the beginning, I have a direction.

What do listen to you while you weave, if anything?

I’ll go through phases. Lately silence and the meditation of working on the pieces is valuable. Other times I’ll listen to podcasts like All Songs Considered. Sometimes I just put on Spotify. What I listen to is really based on the piece and the intention I’ve set for it.

Many of us are entrepreneurs with busy schedules, families, and multiple passions. How do you handle the stressful moments?

It’s a bit of all things. I definitely have days that are really stressful. This weekend I had to install three pieces, but my little one had a fever. The thing that throws me is being a mom because all these unexpected things come up, everyone needs something, and I have still have deadlines to meet. I have to re-prioritize my time. It becomes overwhelming, but I try to stay present in the moment. Breath deeply, it’ll work out one step at a time.