Desert & Denim 3

Workshop Schedule  

Mar Vista Art Dept. is proud to be a partner during this inspiring weekend w/ some of the raddest people we've ever kicked it with.

Come join us in Pioneertown, CA! 

Address here.

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P.F. Candle Co. | Friday, Feb 24th | 11am-1:00pm 

P.F. Candle Co. was founded by Kristen Pumphrey in Austin, TX in 2008. All of the candles are made with domestic soy wax, cotton core wicks and fine fragrance oils. Each candle is hand poured, packaged and shipped from their studio in Los Angeles, CA. Join Kristen and Thomas Neuberger at D&D in a pour-your-own candle workshop, make sure to RSVP as seats are limited! 

Tincup Whiskey Tasting | Saturday, Feb 25th | 4pm-5:00pm 

Ever wonder how whiskey gets made?  Here is your chance to find out!Meet Stranahan’s Master Distiller, Rob Dietrich and the crew from TINCUP Whiskey.  Rob will be giving a guided tasting of both whiskeys and explain the distillation process from grain to bottle.  Drams are free and questions are welcome.


Apprvl Shibori Dyeing | Feb 25th | 11am-1pm 

Join Apprvl in the desert for a workshop to learn the basics of natural indigo dyeing, with Japanese shibori and rice paste resist techniques. Indigo dye is created from the fermented leaves of the indigo plant and we will be creating a vat for you to explore these dye techniques! There will be fabric and donated shirts from Jungmaven and Harvest & Mill and we will encourage BYO as well! 


Harness Your Happiness | Feb 24th | 11am-1pm

In this workshop, we’re going to dive into exactly what happiness means for you. We'll give you specific tools to help you harness that happiness for years to come and offer insights into how to use your joy to make a positive impact on your community. Killian, Founder of The Heart of Happy, will guide the conversation and exercises—all intended to open our hearts and seek inward. We will open the floor to discussion if the mood strikes, as well. This is a space for personal growth in a group setting and caters to introverts and extroverts alike! 

Live in LA? Killian has a workshop coming up! Check it out here. 


Macrame w/ Assembly of the Wild | Feb 24th | 3pm-5pm 

Nikki Katz created Assembly of the Wild to combine her love of textures, materials and accessories. Join her at Desert and Denim to create a Macrame Plant Hanger inspired by our surroundings. All supplies will be included and you will walk away with a finished Macrame Plant Hanger. This is our chance to come together, have fun, and create something beautiful inspired by our weekend in Joshua Tree.


Denim Repair w/ Nativen | Feb 25th | 3pm-4:00pm

Looking to give your old denim new life? Lily Hetzler of Nativen will be hosting a workshop on how to hand repair your denim's rips, scrapes and scuffs using some basic Sashiko embroidery techniques. 

Mending kits, recycled denim swatches and patch fabrics are included. Feel free to bring your own repair pieces or treasured patch fabrics, as well. 

Kit fee $7 (a 50% savings off the cost)


Grow Your Own Food w/ Edible Gardens LA |  Feb 25th 11am-1pm 

EGLA builds, plants and sustains organic vegetable gardens in Los Angeles. Learn the 101 basics on how to grow your own food from Lauri herself at D&D 2017! 


Candlemaking in the Desert | Feb 25th | 3pm-4:00pm

Have you ever wanted to make your own candles? In the desert? In Pioneertown? Well, here's your chance - Manready Mercantile is leading a Texas style candle making workshop! Come customize your own candle with all natural ingredients - clean burning soy wax and your own blend of essential oils. Cost includes 1 candle and a one-of-a-kind locally made vessel designed by Manready and brought to life by MazAmar, all yours to take back to light your tent, teepee, trailer, yurt or wherever you're laying your head down for a weekend full of Desert and Denim.


"Go West: American Individualism" AllSwell Journaling Workshop | Feb 25| 1pm-3:00pm

AllSwell founder Laura Rubin will lead you through accessible, writing-based activities as you fill your blank AllSwell notebook. Taking queues from Denim & Desert’s ethos and the natural backdrop, Laura will provide points of inspiration from the artists (authors, painters, poets) who captured the essence of the West in its truest, rawest sense in order to stoke your creative fires.

Slingshot Paintball Target Practice w/ Brooke Wade | Saturday, Feb 25 | 11am-1:00pm

Brush up on your slingshot skills at this pop-up shooting range in the desert. Activity will be led by BROOKE WADE, a Brooklyn based woodworker and slingshot maker. All materials will be supplied, and participants will leave with their own splattered target. Aficionados feel free to BYOS.

Jalama Natural Dyes | Friday, Feb 24th | 2pm-4:00pm 

Jenna from Jalama Designs is going to teach us all about natural dyes such as the use of cochineal, fennel and eucalyptus. Being from Santa Barbara, she spent a signifigant part of her childhood exploring Cojo-Jalama Racnh's 25,000 acres of undeveloped California Coastline. 

Chocolate Tasting w/ Wildcrafted Herbs & Spices by Endorfin Foods |  Feb 24 | 1pm-3pm   Join Brian Wallace, founder and chocolate alchemist at Endorfin Foods to taste an assortment of craft chocolate “barks" paired with wildcrafted plants from the fields & forests of California. 

Chocolate Tasting w/ Wildcrafted Herbs & Spices by Endorfin Foods |  Feb 24 | 1pm-3pm

Join Brian Wallace, founder and chocolate alchemist at Endorfin Foods to taste an assortment of craft chocolate “barks" paired with wildcrafted plants from the fields & forests of California.