Hansen's Soda

 Hansen's Soda Street Art Gallery used the neighborhood of Mar Vista to orchestrate a street art gallery to showcase world class artists painting multiple walls in tandem during one awesome night. The attendees started at M.V.A.D, traveled through Hansen's House while enjoying an interactive art wall, classic arcade games, VR by RYOT News, a culinary experience by celebrity chef, Steven Fretz w/ custom cocktails on the rooftop patio.



From there, they were whisked away on a pedi-cabs to one of the 5 murals; StarfighteraApexerDJ N3FF, Wyatt Mills and MADSTEEZ. At each location, team M.V.A.D created outdoor living rooms with a flavor pin. If an party-goer collected all 5, they were able to enter the contest to win the Original Powell Peralta Skateboard signed Tony Hawk!

Photo Aug 12, 8 08 27 PM.jpg


MVAD converted its building into the Hansen's Soda effervescent bubbles, starting with the hand painted billboard that trickled down to the plywood bubble installation and from there, painted bubbles on the building. The building takeover was a work of art combined with the street art gallery.  

Photo Aug 12, 6 45 35 PM.jpg

Street Art Gallery 

The interior of Hansen's House was a place of creativity and originality. With the building as the hub of the neighborhood, people caught rides on the branded pedi-cabs to see the street art tour. The night ended with performances by Jrocc and Peanut Butter Wolf. This event was produced by the team at MVAD. 


What did the Art Dept. do?

Everything! This event was fully produced by team MVAD!! But in detail, we.... 

  • Painted the billboard
  • Designed, built and installed rooftop ply bubbles
  • Painted the building
  • Installed arcade games
  • VR 
  • Booked Street Artists
  • Booked DJ's Jrocc & Peanut Butter Wolf 
  • Hired staff 
  • Sourced walls 
  • FP event and event promotion 
  • Had a blast & danced!