Whimsy + Row Mohave Cabin Spray

Whimsy + Row Mohave Cabin Spray


A sprayable, wildharvested room-fragrance from the High Desert of Southern California by Juniper Ridge. Petrochemical-free, the Mojave Cabin Spray is a light hit of the wilderness, designed on the trail and distilled around the campfire. A aromatic snapshot of life on the trail.

2 oz

Scent Profile: Pine Resin, Creosote, Sun-baked earth, Salt cedar 

Evokes Piñon pitch in the early spring across the southern Inyo mountains. High desert wildflowers at dawn after last night’s lightning storm. Desert Cedar bloom with the windows rolled down, cruising at 45 mph across the desert at sunset.

Application: Spray once or twice to bring the desert backcountry indoors. Spray as a linen refresher or to simply change the mood of the room. Because it's just desert wildflowers, our Cabin Spray will never overstay its welcome.

 Ingredients: Organic sugar cane alcohol; 100% natural fragrance: tree pitch, plant sap/juice, steam-distilled essential oils. Extractions of High Desert plants, bark, needle and other things found hiking in the backcountry. 

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