EVENT 101 - Learn How To Throw An Event Like A Boss


EVENT 101 - Learn How To Throw An Event Like A Boss

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You don't need an Event Planner to make a bad ass event! We distill 15 years of event experience down to a few simple tips and tricks to make sure your event is a success! in two short hours you’ll learn the do’s and don’ts that most people don’t know! Find out about some time-tested pro tips to ensure you’re going to knock it out of the park. We’ll help you create your magical moments!

Working on an idea for an event? Are you collaborating with your friends on an awesome party? Bring them with you and break out the wine! This workshop is for anyone wanting to throw a bitching party, no professional event experience needed!  Turn your event from just OK to OH HEEEEYYYYYY!!!!! 

We will cover topics such as: 

  • How to host a baby shower for under $100.
  • How to take your influence from 100 people to 1,000,000. 
  • How to budget so you always have a little slush left over

What kind of Events are we talking about? In Event 101 we mainly focus on the foundations needed for personal events: Baby showers, Bachelorettes, Dinners, Birthdays, etc. We lightly touch on corporate and large-budget events ($10k or more) so you can get a sense of scale, however those are another beast, so we save those tips for another workshop (coming soon!)

A sneak peek into what you'll learn in just two-hours: 

  • Simple, easy ways to get organized with timelines and rundowns
  • Learn how to make a simple budget
  • Use certain apps and online tools to streamline your progress
  • Get you and your team (or...friends/family) organized and clear on everyone's Roles and Responsibilities
  • How to keep you're head level through all the crazy! This IS White Owl Events after all: know how to show up as your White Owl Self and run things like a BOSS

Want to throw the most bitchin BBQ this summer? A magical birthday party? A dinner with purpose? You won't want to miss these pro tips to avoid common mistakes most people make!  


Cory O'Donnell is a seasoned Event Producer where she has been awarded for her work with brands such as Neiman Marcus, Adult Swim, Microsoft, EA Sports and more. She spent many years on the road producing live events for bands such as Bon Jovi, Fleetwood Mac, Miley Cyrus and Linkin Park.

*Photo Credit Colin Wolfe - Neiman Marcus Make Some Noise SXSW 2015 NCompass International (www.ncompassonline.com)

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