“Go West: American Individualism” AllSwell Journaling Workshop Denim & Desert 2017

“Go West: American Individualism” AllSwell Journaling Workshop Denim & Desert 2017


The American West embodies many of the characteristics that we associate with individualism:


  • Forging one’s own path
  • Rugged independence
  • Desire for discovery  


AllSwell founder Laura Rubin will lead you through accessible, writing-based activities as you fill your blank AllSwell notebook. Taking queues from Denim & Desert’s ethos and the natural backdrop, Laura will provide points of inspiration from the artists (authors, painters, poets) who captured the essence of the West in its truest, rawest sense in order to stoke your creative fires.


You don’t need to have any background in writing or literature whatsoever to enjoy these experiences. The activities are designed to help each of us access our individual creative voice. The mere act of putting pen to paper is illuminating and therapeutic. There’s no wrong way to do this.  


Additional creative inspiration provided by accompanying whiskey tasting from TK BRAND. Laura reminds us that Hemingway suggested, “Write drunk, edit sober.”



What AllSwell Workshop First-Timers Have To Say:


"As a photographer, I’m first and foremost a visual person but without a form to express what my work is about so much can get lost in translation. The AllSwell workshop reminded me that sitting with pen and paper is a beautiful way to remind myself the meaning of my own thoughts. Laura made the process feel both challenging and fun. I walked away from the experience feeling inspired.” — Ryan Struck, Photographer


"One of the most enjoyable gatherings in recent memory. I love the way you lead, the questions, dialogue... the passages! Watching that discovery of such an obvious act that we've lost to our frantic lives is like finding sunken treasure. Thank you for having me along." -- Beth O'Rourke, Filmmaker


“A single AllSwell workshop helped me see new opportunities in my business and where I was ignoring several quadrants of my life. The time and money invested had a 10x return in both profit and happiness.” -- Adam Rosante, Fitness Expert & Performance Coach 

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