Grow Your Own Food W/ Edible Gardens LA

Grow Your Own Food W/ Edible Gardens LA


Grow Your Own Food w/ Edible Gardens LA |  Feb 25th 11am-1pm | Pioneertown, CA

Join Lauri Kranz of Edible Gardens LA as she teaches you how to start your own vegetable garden or help you keep the one you have healthy.  Learn all about organic gardening and get your hands dirty with a herb garden potting workshop. 


Lauri Kranz, owner of Edible Gardens LA, designs, builds, plants and sustains organic vegetable gardens and edible landscapes for chefs, restaurants, museums, families and anyone interested in growing their own food.  Lauri also teaches gardening in local schools. Kranz is passionate about sharing her knowledge of edible herbs, fruits and vegetables and the many benefits of growing your own food. "When we grow our own food, we are connecting to nature in a deeper way.  We take the journey from a seed, to a plant, to the food we eat and back again to the seed.  When we grow a garden, we grow good."

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