Swap It Like It's Hot!


Swap It Like It's Hot!


How many times a week do you think, “I have nothing to wear” but also feel guilty every time you fill that online shopping cart?

The MVAD is here to help and is happily hosting a woman's clothing swap. This swap will be just what your closet needs, a refresh at a budget price, plus you get to up-cycle your threads and that always feels good. 

Here’s how it works. 

  1. Clean out your closet, think clothes you no longer wear but would give a good friend, not good will… shoes, and accessories     are welcome too! Label your donation bag XS,S,M,L,XL
  2. Drop your bag off at MVAD OR bring it with you the day of the event, May 14th
  3. Get your ticket and spread the word! More babes = more clothes to swap

You get to keep everything your little heart desires, no additional charge.. think of it like getting a new wardrobe for $20.

Plus there will be light snacks and bubbles to sip on while your swap, and to sweeten the deal even more 15% off all MVAD merchandise that day! 

NO BOYS. This is a babes only event. Be sure to get here early, first come first swap!
We can't wait to swap it with you, see you May 14th :) 

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