Travel Talk w/ Travel With Meaning

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Travel Talk w/ Travel With Meaning


Do you love to travel?

Or are you in need of some travel inspiration ?

Join us for a night of conversation, networking and travel tales from our guest speakers

Lite bites, drinks and raffle prizes !

Ticket Price

$10  (limited number)


Travel With Meaning  Our mission is to encourage all of US to have extraordinary experiences, expand community around the world, be present to the awesomeness of the journey and share when something moves, touches and inspires us by using #Travelwithmeaning


Michael Schibel -  a unique professional hybrid who's found himself through travel and sharing travel stories with others.  Passionate about meeting new people, Michael has interviewed travelers all over the world about inspiration, gratitude and their meaning of travel.  He'll try anything almost once, loves being in nature, but also enjoys a nice boutique hotel and always  makes it a priority to chases a sunset. 

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