Watercolor Workshop

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Watercolor Workshop


Join us for an engaging exploration of Watercolor Portraiture.

The overall objective of the class is to show the vast range and flexibility of watercolor by exploring, experimenting and developing creativity of each piece. We will be using carefully picked photo references.

Breaking down color into its building blocks of hue, value and saturation, we simplify these complex and sometimes daunting aspects of painting. Students learn to identify and gauge these fundamental elements.

Beginning demonstrations along with assisted self-directed sessions and daily discussions of both technique and content.

Step-by-step descriptive talks and demos to show the process of efficient watercolor painting.

Bio - 

Natalya’s early passion for painting and drawing was driven by her father, the highly regarded and practiced artist and teacher Semyon Bilmes. Natalya’s skills have been rigorously developed through dedication and consistent exercising of traditional techniques.

Living abroad in Turkey as a child has influenced her artistic aesthetic and inspired her to bring textures, colors and history from that part of the world into her work.

With nature as her ultimate teacher, and watercolor as a preferred medium, Natalya’s pairing of earth-rooted tones with rich jewel accents creates her signature look. Natalya currently resides in Los Angeles where she continues to develop her art and teaching career.

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