2016 Modern Lunar Phases Calendar

2016 Modern Lunar Phases Calendar


2016 Lunar Phases Calendar. This a second year we have made this calendar, every year, we make design changes to make each edition unique.

This modern moon phases calendar is the perfect gift for werewolves and the people who love them.

Part art piece, part home decor, part relationship aid. This calendar combines a distinct design with a very exquisite production process. The design plays with the concept that the date is a "moon" to the moon graphic. The overall look was made to be timeless and not lose its lustre after the calendar ends.

Lunar Calendar comes in a tube and ready for a naked placement on your wall or framed. Each one is numbered.

  • 18 x 24 inch
  • Ships in a tube
  • Small batch of only 100 prints
  • Lovingly made by Everlovin Press in Kingston, Canada
  • Metallic gold ink on Astrobright matte black cardstock
  • Available for Northern Hemisphere. Please request for Southern Hemisphere
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