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Motivational Marketing with Tiffany Scott

"Do you feel called to make a difference but you don't know how? Or perhaps you're already creating the work you love but you're not seeing it pay off in your bank account?

More and more of us are hearing the calling to do what we love, to give back or to leave a legacy but how do we do that and still earn the money we want? 

Recently I had the honor of meeting 3 incredible women who are making a difference in peoples lives, absolutely loving it and making money doing it.

In fact, I've met more than 3 women doing just this, however, these 3 particular women are the ones I really want to introduce you to this month. They've inspired me and I know they will inspire you, not only to listen but to take greater action in your own life.

They have taken time out of their busy 'giving' schedules to share their knowledge, insights and stories of how they marketed their purpose, all while profiting from it...and not feeling guilty about it either!

Join us for a beautiful evening at Mar Vista Art Dept. and leave with the steps you need to create the life you truly want and make a different doing it." - Tiffany Scott, You Me She Collective