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Branding For Bossladies - Mar Vista

Branding For Bossladies - Mar Vista
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What do Olive & June, Alfred Tea Room, and The Now Massage have in common? 

Impeccable branding that makes us want to dissolve into their worlds and spend time and money participating in the magic they’ve created.

Branding has a HUGE impact on our buying decisions. Good branding has the ability to turn a product into a powerful movement. And bad branding can dissuade people from purchasing something that is otherwise impressive.

At this workshop, the creative director of DesignbyKadie (@designbykadie) has partnered with the founder of Bossladies magazine (@bossladiesmag) to share the secrets of creating a powerful online brand. We’ll talk about how to craft your brand message, identify your audience, create a compelling brand experience, and understand what makes you unique. 

At this evening workshop, we’ll give you the tools to confidently pursue your next big idea, and we’ll toast the bossladies everywhere who are chasing their dreams!

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