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Cha Dao for the Tranquil Mind

Cha Dao for the Tranquil Mind

As we join together in communion to practice the ancient Taoist tradition of Cha Dao, the way of tea, we grow to understand the saying, "one moment, once chance." In these times of pressure, stress, friction and tension happening all around the planet it is essential that our hearts and mind create space. Space to fill with the possibility of great change within us. The true activists of this day and age are the ones that can create great change within so it ripples out and effects all those we come in contact with. By slowing down and attuning our sensory systems to something as subtle as the way of tea, we can create genuine space within ourselves to see what this leaf has to teach us about ourselves. We will sit, drink living tea from the Yunnan and share in discourse about how to stand and thrive in the pressure of these times.

Seating is limited.

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