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Leadership Workshop w/ Love, Sunday & T&Co

Love, Sunday and T&Co. have joined efforts to bring to you our Los Angeles Workshop on Finding Your Authentic Voice; a Leadership Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs. This 3 hour workshop will be an interactive session where we will guide you to explore parts of your own personal story and narrative to identify your core strengths and values. The goal is to learn to push past limiting beliefs and obstacles to reveal your most authentic self as well as build skills to learn how to communicate effectively, leading with your strengths. This workshop will be led by Sharon Lee, Certified Leadership Coach and Founder of Love, Sunday, and Jennifer Odera, Founder of T&Co. Both Sharon and Jennifer bring to you their own strength based leadership coaching experiences. Applying Sharon's background as a leadership coach as well as a corporate and technology attorney coupled with Jennifer's experience as a MBA educated solo-entrepreneur, this workshop was created to get you out of your comfort zone and practice articulating your strengths as an integral part of your life and business. 

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Sharon Lee is the founder of Love, Sunday and has recently moved from New York City to Los Angeles with her husband Eddy and her rascally cat, Oliver Atticus. Professionally, Sharon is a certified leadership coach by night and a private equity and technology attorney by day. Currently, she serves as Vice President & Counsel at a financial services company in Santa Monica, CA in the private markets, technology and analytics space. As counsel, Sharon works in collaboration with the business team on matters relating to development, licensing, intellectual property, technology and private equity investments. Sharon currently supports offices located in the United States, London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Singapore and China. Sharon also serves as an Advisory Board Member of an exciting start-up, T&Co. Prior to her current position, Sharon served as Corporate Counsel at a $3.5BN public technology company in New York and as an associate at a law firm in NYC, representing hedge funds, private equity firms and private companies in transactional matters. Sharon received her B.A. in English Literature from Binghamton University and her J.D. from St. John's University School of Law. Sharon is licensed to practice law in New York and is a registered in-house counsel in California. Sharon is also a certified Women's Leadership Coach from the Gaia Project for Women's Leadership.

Jennifer is an avid tea drinker and traveller, who has worked in the hospitality industry in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Qatar and Kenya for several years before moving to America for further education. She is a Babson College alumna and an impassioned entrepreneur who has been drinking tea since the age of five. A native of Kenya, one of the largest exporters of tea in the world, she hales from the Abaluhya tribe, who are prized for their preparation, service and daily consumption of tea. Her favourite tea is - Dan Cong Oolong - An aromatic tea that is cultivated from a single trunk of a tea tree, that has been allowed to grow to its full height, in the Phoenix Mountains of China.