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Developing Your Dream w/ White Owl Collective

Do you have dreams of developing a passion, a project, a business, or a brand? 

This is a goal setting workshop that infuses your purpose and values into whatever you're working on: your next move in life/business idea/passion project, etc.

We'll teach you how to put your best self into your work and align the path to your dreams

It's time to take that next step; get clear on your vision and make a plan. 


Your Key Values: Discover what truly motivates you and how that effects your choices. See how that coincides with the values of your brand/project/career and how you perform based on those key values.

Purpose Statement: Get clear on your “Why”. Why are you doing what you’re doing? Find out how you can integrate your values into your daily life to make your purpose a living breathing energy in your world.

Your Guide:  Call it your Inner Leader, or Higher Self; I call it your Inner Guide. Get in touch with this immense emotional intelligence that is always available within you and learn how to access it when you need it.

Your Saboteurs: Saboteurs are the voices and false notions that sever your self-esteem. What are the characters in your head that are sabotaging your light and your progress? Identify those voices and learn how to navigate them in any situation. 

Core Messaging + Voice: Understand how you or your brand speaks to the world and exactly what you're saying. Get clear on your core message and how to create the conversation you choose. 

Elevator Pitch: Create an easy and authentic way to explain you/your project/your brand. 

Goals: Clarify your overarching goals as well as the necessary incremental goals that are needed for success. Create tangible timelines and next steps to get into action.

Hi, I'm Cory...

Born and raised in Marin County California, I'm the middle of three girls, the daughter of two amazing parents, and a friend to some of the most amazing people on earth.

I've got a tattoo on one wrist that says: Freebird, and a tattoo on the other that says: DEFA (Don't Even Fuck Around) I'll tell you about that another time.

A mashup of soul-cheerleader and business focused do'er, I use a combination of spiritual principles + goal-oriented action steps as a holistic approach to Coaching; In my world, you can't just make a "To-Do" list, you also need a "To-Be" list. 

A veteran of the music industry, I toured the world with different bands as a Road Manager and VIP Director for the better half of a decade, working with some of music's biggest names from Bon Jovi to Beyonce. I decided to hang up my roadie gear and see what life was like off a tour bus, so I moved to Venice Beach, California where I now produce large scale consumer events for Fortune 500 companies such as: Microsoft, Activision, Best Buy, Cartoon Network and Seven Eleven.  We even won an Event Marketer Award recently for our work with CAA & Neiman Marcus at SXSW 2015. Check out the recap video here. Not too shabby, nice work NCompass International!

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