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Block Printing 101 w/ Cotton & Flax- Patterned Tote Bag Workshop

Block Printing 101 - Patterned Tote Bag Workshop

Want to learn to design and print your own designs on fabric? Sign up for this block printing workshop with Erin Dollar, founder of Cotton & Flax, and learn how to block print on fabric as you create a custom tote bag!

In this three-hour class, you will learn how to carve simple printing blocks and transfer your designs onto fabric. We will provide all the materials: linoleum blocks, carving tools, printing ink, and a plain cotton tote bag. You’ll leave with your own, custom-printed tote bag to use for groceries, trips to the library, or a day at the beach.

Sign up to learn about block printing from a professionally trained printmaker, and discover a fast and fun way to make your designs come to life!

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