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Macrame with Intention w/ Assembly of the Wild

Macrame with Intention w/ Assembly of the Wild

Macrame is the art of knotting and fringe. I will teach several key Macrame´ knots the Larks Head Knot, The Double Half Hitch (in both directions), and the Twisted Buddha’s Mesh Knot.

Along with learning the hand skill of knotting we will be infusing the wall hanging with intention and elements of mother nature. The rope is 100% jute a natural plant based fiber. Some of the rope will be dyed with Indigo, a dye that originally came from a plant in the Indus Valley, and Madder Root, coming from Rubia Tinctorum.

We will be knotting the upside down triangle representing Female Power in the Universe. In the center of the Triangle we will be inserting a wooden circle. In this circle each person will be able to place an item of inspiration such as a favorite crystal, feather, leaf, or rock.

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