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Growing Your Business with Collaboration

Growing Your Business with Collaboration

You have a great product or service, you've identified who your target customer is, and your branding is on-point. Only problem? Getting new customers to know how great you are. Facebook and Twitter ads can only take you so far, plus they can put quite the dent in your already-tight budget. How do you get the word out and make more revenue without spending a ton of money? Collaboration!

By leveraging the power of partnerships with well-aligned companies and organizations in an authentic and genuine way, you can:

- Make more money 

- Grow your email list

- Attract your ideal customer/client organically

- Increase your brand's exposure to the right crowds

- Share in the cost and effort required to pull off a great activation

- Benefit from an existing brand's reputation and trust

...all without spending a ton of money.


In this 2-hour workshop, Collaboration Consultant and partnership addict, Baily Hancock will teach you how to find and reach out to the right partners, come up with mutually-beneficial collaborations, measure and evaluate the success of a relationship, and keep your partnerships alive and well.

About the Instructor:

Baily Hancock is a Collaborator, Career Experimenter, and Speaker/Teacher of both. To read her full ridiculous description, head to

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