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White Owl Collective

How to get out of your own way and accomplish what you want in life. 

This two-day workshop is a game-changer for anyone looking to jumpstart a project, clear out some emotional blocks and accomplish their goals. The workshop tends to be half entrepreneurs and business owners wanting clarity around their business goals and themselves. The other half is made up of similarly motivated and inspired individuals looking for grounding and clarity  in various stages of their lives: be it a transition they are going through, or a project they want to create or clarity they want around their next steps in life and where they want to go!

Basically, whatever you're up to in life: are you ready to stop f*#@ing around and get to work? Lets Make It Happen!

The Workshop in a nutshell: We get you clear on where you are and where you want to go. We then formulate your action steps with worksheets and exercises that allow you to plot out your plan. This workshop is a balance of psychological exercises that ground you and clarify your foundations, blended with very left brain tangible worksheets that give you clear understanding of your next steps. Make it Happen is a White Owl Signature Workshop: the whole weekend is a combo of head and heart. We spend so much time on our to-do lists, we need to take a breath and focus on our To-Be lists. Only then, with alignment and clarity, can we do our best, most productive work to get up to that next level.

The workshop is limited to 12 people in order to create an intimate environment. This encourages confidence and safety through teamwork and sharing.

The results people have achieved after taking this two-day workshop prove that one weekend of giving attention to your dreams can cause a huge shift and create a positive impact in your life. Are you willing to take one weekend to focus on your Self? Come join us!


Your Key Values: Discover what truly motivates you and how that effects your choices. See how that coincides with the values of your brand/project/career and how you perform based on those key values.

Purpose Statement: Get clear on your “Why”. Why are you doing what you’re doing? Find out how you can integrate your values into your daily life to make your purpose a living breathing energy in your world.

Your Guide:  Call it your Inner Leader, or Higher Self; I call it your Inner Guide. Get in touch with this immense emotional intelligence that is always available within you and learn how to access it when you need it.

Your Saboteurs: Saboteurs are the voices and false notions that sever your self-esteem. What are the characters in your head that are sabotaging your light and your progress? Identify those voices and learn how to navigate them in any situation. 

Core Messaging + Voice: Understand how you speak to the world and exactly what you're saying. Get clear on your core message and how to create the conversation you choose. 

Elevator Pitch: Create an easy and authentic way to explain what you do and why you love it

Goals: Clarify your overarching goals as well as the necessary incremental goals that are needed for success. Create tangible timelines and next steps to get into action.


"This Workshop came at the perfect time and helped me re-think my personal brand and business brand. Cory is a peaceful warrior, great leader and overall inspiration"- B.H., Yoga Lifestyle Entrepreneur. 

"Passionate, committed with a natural, pure essence to help people. Cory will always provide you with the raw honest truth that is necessary for REAL change. Expect to go deep, expect to be real with yourself, expect real positive change in your life"- Esme Leon, Fitness Trainer

"The White Owl Workshop not only helped me transform my business, but my personal life as well. I've worked with many individuals for coaching, weekend seminars, and consulting, but no one quite gets it the way Cory does. Her unique blend of awesome insights, business skills and just general disposition make Cory one-of-a-kind and truly transformational to work with. The workshop will forever be a turning point in my life. So lucky to have her in my corner!"- Annalise Roland, MEND.