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How To Create A Thriving Meet-up To Grow Your Business

Hey there!

I get asked time and time again how I created such a thriving Meetup. It's also something I highly recommend to my clients and my community to spread your message, grow your business and of course build community.

My Meetup has allowed me to connect with incredible women, receive ideal clients (over 50% of my clients have come through my Meetup) and create new inspiring ideas for my business growth - time and time again.

However, I've observed many Meetup's start and fail. There are some secrets to success and since I get asked consistently how to create a Meetup I decided to hold a Meetup event on just that.

I will be sharing my step by step process to how I grew the 'Be You Business Chicks' Meetup to over 1000 members in a year and keep receiving beautiful dream clients from my community.

If you desire greater connection, marketing that feels easeful and more perfect clients, then this event is for YOU.

Come and pick my brains so your Meetup (and business) thrive!

See you there,


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